Chinkin ・ The Dragon to the Heaven [no.19006]

Product name: The Dragon to the Heaven [no.19006]
Price: US$8,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Chinkin technique in general is carving to a body and imbed gold or some colors. This time artwork uses a few more techniques of Chinkin addtinary. Kosuri (rubbing) technique: Technique of rubbing by a chisel and cutting down painted surface Kebori (hair line carving) :Technique for carving line with swinging thinly as animal's hair The base is mix of Tenbori (dot carving) and Senbori (line carving). The Dragon ball is a mix of Tenbori and Senbori, the fire is Tenbori and Kosuri , a background is also Kosuri technique. This artwork belongs one of top class of Chinkin technique in terms of a mixture of several Chinkin techniques with exactness. There are many points to view.
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