Chinkin ・ Gungyo-zu [no.19039]

Product name: Gungyo-zu [no.19039]
Price: US$11,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: At first glance, it looks like it is drawn by Makie, but this is a detailed painting of Chinkin. We could say this is close to the limit of the Chinkin technique. We have chosen as a motif a characteristic set from “Gungyo-zu,” art (1765-1766) of an early modern Japanese painter, Jakuchu Ito. Defined ingenuity is used to express each fish uniqueness and beauty. The craftsman of this Chinkin art has also worked on our “A Tiger and bamboo II” and “Dragon” fountain pens, but we could say his new work has exceeded these two pieces. The base model is the same as “Phoenix” (Silver Hyomon), which used a special body and is flat on both ends. (Cap max diameter 17mm)
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