Ink・Converter ・ Bottle ink, Pigment base ink, blue, 60cc

Product name: Bottle ink, Pigment base ink, blue, 60cc
Price: US$15
Description: Carbon Ink uses pigmented ink in order to improve the water-resisting property, light stability and heat-resisting properties while normal Black/Blue Black ink is water-based with dyes. That is why the carbon ink is suitable for important documents such as official documents which need to be stored for a long time. Some people use the carbon ink to draw a rough design for a picture painted in watercolors or colored inks because carbon ink is run-proof. You should be careful, however, to deal with carbon ink in your fountain pen. Ultrafine particle carbon powder was included in the ink. Comparing to the ink water-based with dyes, it tends to be stopped up because particles are coarse. If you use your fountain pen with the carbon ink everyday, there may not come problems but in case you have long period to use the fountain pen, it will be clogged. It causes serious problem because it is not easy to clean the pen clogged with the ink and dried up. When you order the bottle ink only, 3 bottles for one parcel will can be shipped. When injecting ink from the ink bottle and using it, the converter is necessary.
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