Size and weight of Nakaya fountain pens

Please use this size and weight chart as a reference.
(The size and weight are individually different a little, because the Nakaya fountain pens are handmade.)
ModelTotal weightWeight without capTotal lengthLength without capMax diameter
Writer long27g17g166mm145mm15mm
Cigar long25g17g166mm145mm15mm
Writer portable22g15g150mm128mm15mm
Cigar portable20g15g150mm128mm15mm
Writer Piccolo22g15g130mm116mm15mm
Cigar Piccolo20g15g130mm116mm15mm
Neo Standard24g14g150mm135mm15mm
Decapod(TW) Writer24g14g150mm128mm16mm
Decapod(TW) Cigar20g14g150mm128mm16mm
D-17mm Cigar Long28g22g166mm145mm17mm
D-17mm Cigar Portable26g20g150mm138mm17mm
Dorsal Fin ver.126g18g150mm145mm17mm
Dorsal Fin ver.226g20g150mm145mm17mm
* The size and weight above are just for reference purposes.
Other companies' models to compare
*The data below is not official. It's just for a reference.
Montblanc 14932.0g21.2g148mm133mm17.2mm
Montblanc 14625.4g15.5g146mm126mm15.0mm
Montblanc 14416.5g9.2g136mm118mm12.0mm
Parker Sonnet Premier29.6g18.6g133mm124mm12.4mm
Parker Duofold Centennial28.9g19.3g137mm128mm15.2mm
Pelikan M80028.7g20.3g142mm128mm15.8mm
Waterman Carene34.0g23.5g144mm129mm13.0mm
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