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Product name: Seiohbo [no.11024] (Makie)
Price: US$41,667
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This work is completed by using the technique of "Kakiwari Maki-e" following former work Jurojin after the production period of more than one year. The subject is "Seiohbo" ,the goddess that gives the power to confer a long life. A background of Seiohbo is Maki-e of gold powders and Kin-Hirame. (very thick gold plate.) Clouds and other part of the back ground are partly the same height, which could be done by a combination between Togidashi (polishing) Maki-e and some other techniques.The Seiohbo itself is using of Gin-yuji raising and Kakiwari Maki-e together. Kakiwari Maki-e is a technique for which only the part in the borderline paints and leaves the lacquer when the borderline is drawn. It means that to write the surroundings of a line ,but to write a line in order to express a line. This technique is so difficult, but suitable for expressing a cheek of a face and so on. The part seen in the line of the pleat etc. of clothes doesn't draw as a line but shows the line by drawing only the parts other than the line. Not like piling up highly technique called 'Taka-Makie', 'Kakiwari' technique is very difficult to make a thin border line and takes long time.
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