Makie ・ Jurojin [no.11023]

Product name: Jurojin [no.11023]
Price: US$27,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: We Nakaya started several kinds of Urushi lacqerling, patterns , after that proceeded to plants, animals and a creature in the legend. Final target will be a human being and express a muscle of men and skin of women beautifully and realistically. Nakaya plans to take 10 years to achieve this artwork.A motif this time is god and one step before the human being. It has taken 2 years to complete. A motif is called "Jurojin", a god of Taoism and also one of the seven gods of good fortune in Japan. This god loves "Sake" (Japanese liquor) and always brushes his long face. He carries `Maki-momo' (a scrolled documents ) and accompany with a crane which is also a symbol of long life. A background is Gold Nashiji, Jurojin has been done by Maki-e in gold, silver and Ao-kin (blueish) powders after Gin-Yuji technique. (a heaping up the motif by silver) A crane has done by the same technique as well and a a part of it's wing has lacquered in black roiro Urushi and put lines on it. A mountain is polished in gold, a barrel is polished in silver, after that drew a picture in gold. Finally a craftsman finished by roiro to gross surface and has complete. Some detail part such as lines of clothes had to take a long time ,however we think we could catch up a little with the highest technique of the most popular time of Maki-e in Edo period.
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