Makie ・ Ajiro 1 [no.11025]

Product name: Ajiro 1 [no.11025]
Price: US$5,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: "Ajiro" means a technique of making something by knitting used by bamboo and so on. In ancient times, this technique was used for aristocrat and Samurai's vehicles, and used for ceiling in tearoom. At the present age, "Ajiro" knitted with rattan is seen for a tea canister, a chest of drawers, and a flower vase. These products have a feeling of specialty and very popular product. Nakaya remade this Bamboo Ajiro feeling also referred some "Ajiro" Inros by Maki-e in Edo period. To express "Ajiro", Nakaya piled up at the place where each "bamboo" match each other and described in black "roiro urushi" lacquer ware. Lastly, to express a metal fitting which stops each bamboo knitting, Nakaya used a gold (silver) for metal feeling. This artwork looks expensive although there is no motives like others, however, these were finished in detail by very high technology, so this is very valuable goods and one of Nakaya's masterpiece.
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