Makie ・ Maple leaves [no.11031]

Product name: Maple leaves [no.11031]
Price: US$1,600
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This is one of the most popular motif for traditional Maki-e fountain pen among pen lovers and we made it essentially. After drawing a motif by urushi lacquer ware, a craftsman rubs into colored, urushi there after stiffing. After stiffing once again, a craftsmen polishes carefully not to disappear the colored urushi and to appear the top of each gold powders. On the other hand, we do not use colored-urushi for a trunk and polish after rubbing Shu-ai urushi. After that, a craftsmen rubs Shu-ai urushi for a little leaving once more. Lastly, we describe veins by white urushi and polish as the final step.
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