Makie ・ The Shoki chaces the Demon [no.11061]

Product name: The Shoki chaces the Demon [no.11061]
Price: US$22,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Shoki (Shoki is the terminator of the demon) is believed to be a legendary figure in China. They say he saved the Genshuu Emperor from a calamity, disease and frightening apparition in Tang Dynasty in China. He is now believed to be God of defeating epidemic and well-being of family. It is a symbol who wishes boys' healthy growth in the Boys' Festival on May 5th in Japan (It is called 'Tango-no-sekku'). Shoki's eyes are now described smaller as Japanese style, while we can make them bigger as original Chinese style. (Our technique)After lacquering urushi, the craftsman sprinkles gold powders on it. After firmly fixed, he lacquers urushi again and polishes it up. The pattern is piled up little by little as he heaps up gold powders (Kin-yuji-age) and silver powders (Gin-yuji-age). Kin-hirame (gold small plates) are used on some parts. He sprinkles gold powders again and lacquers various kinds of polychrome urushi and polishes it up. He makes a picture again on the top of the layer with gold and silver powders and rubs Ki-urushi (transparent urushi) and polishes it up.
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