Makie ・ "Nine Dragons" by Jinyo [no.11081]

Product name: "Nine Dragons" by Jinyo [no.11081]
Price: US$2,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: The Nine Dragons once in 60 years. The year 2012 on the Western calendar is also Jin-shin(壬辰), the 29th year of the 60th sixty year cycle in the Chinese traditional calendar. On the other hand, Nakaya was eatablished in 2000 as firm and also the Dragon year. We Nakaya has been making many kinds of dragons by many kinds of technique. In honor of this event, we are producing a special edition fountain pen. The Chinese character『壬』, connected to the Chinese character『妊』, means a birth of life.『壬』 is also the ninth Chinese character. And from ancient times in China , the number nine 『九』 is thought of as very important and special, in part because of its closeness to the number 10, which is considered best.The nine 『九』is used sometimes in China , for example there is the『九龍地区』 Kowloon Area in Hong Kong City,『九霄云外』, which means Beyond the Sky or End of the sky, and very famous word 『九五の尊』,which means king or power itself. In honor of this anniversary year, which comes just once every sixty years, We produced this work by meaning of N'nine' and "Nine dragons" by Jinyo by special made high viscoscosity black roiro urushi lacquer. The explanation about Jinyo and Nine Dragons are under the pictures. Jinyo(1189-1258)Born in Southern Son (the ancient Chinese country.) He was welknown as dragon's artist from then and his vital brush touch strongly impressed peoples and peoples called him "The oriental Michelangero". Unfortunately,they say the only few works still remain. "Nine Dragons" is kept in Boston art musium in the U.S. and others are in art musium in China as the first class artwork, An explanation of nine dragons ; (1)A sticking out dragon from rocks. (2)A dragons flies inside of clouds, (3)A dragon hold rocks and ascends to the heaven. (4)A dragon flies by the vigorous stream. (5) A dragon leaps to the heaven. (6) A descending dragon. (7)A dragon fights in the waves. (8)A dragon is lively moving of clouds. and (9) A dragon lies down on the rocks.
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