Raden ・ Ao-Gai (Blue Shell) Bari by. Decapod [no.12003]

Product name: Ao-Gai (Blue Shell) Bari by. Decapod [no.12003]
Price: US$4,100
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Cut the blue shells in rectangle shape and inlay them into each planes of decagon fountain pen. Apply Urushi black lacquer several times to fill the gaps between shells to make the surface even, and then polish it.
On the grip, inlay crushed shells and apply black lacquer over them, and then rub and grind it down to let the underlying shells revealed and shine the surface.
The blue shells emerge diffused reflection and shine beautifully.

The nib is coated with ruthenium plate.

Base model: Cigar, decapod, Portable size.
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