Sumiko ・ A Spider and the web [no.13002]

Product name: A Spider and the web [no.13002]
Price: US$5,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Nakaya expressed a Spider (Kumo) by "Sumiko" (charcoal powder) technique. The web was written by a thin brush pen and polished up ("togi-dashi") after sprinking silver powders. The Spider has an appearance of solidity by "Taka-Maki-e" heaping up technology with black and yellow Urushi lacquer and polish up. ("togi-dashi"). Lastly, we added in detail parts of the Spider and polished up as Roiro (gross) finishing. On the grip section, a craftman used gold powder as base. A flower was written in gold, a butterfly was heaped up by Urushi lacquer and sprinkled by gold powder and rubbed with black and white Urushi and polished. ("togi-dashi").
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