Tamesukashi ・ Ascending Dragon Ⅰ (Ao-tame) [no.16019]

Product name: Ascending Dragon Ⅰ (Ao-tame) [no.16019]
Price: US$1,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Aotame-sukashi uses special color powder. It makes the urushi more translucent and the Heki (blue-green") color looks brighter than ever. This translucent blue color makes the "Ascending Dragon" very mysterious.
The motif is unclear first, because of the nature of Aotame-nuri. It maybe looks like black. However, the motif will be getting clear as time passes.
※The pictures below were taken with very strong lights for shooting to show the motif clearer. It is very rare that the motif is clear from the beginning as the same as the pictures. The pictures with blue frame are close to the actual color and clarity.
Base model is cigar/ portable.
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