Briar ・ Deep(濃) [no.04003]

Product name: Deep(濃) [no.04003]
Price: US$400
Total weight: 25.6g
Body weight: 12.9g
Total length: 147.0mm
Barrel length: 123.0mm
Total length(with cap): 146.0mm
Max diameter: 15.2mm
Barrel material: Briar
Description: Nakaya introduced the pen made from a briar wood from the time of our foundation. On the other hand, we were eager to release a barrel with a brilliant finishing on the surface. We tried several methods in order to be so, but failed to keep the balance between brightness and intensity so Nakaya broke many expensive briar materials and almost gave up. This time, the brightness and the textures of briar finished grain have been so expressed faithfully it looks like "Diamond of wood." This one is a longtime seller, starting from Nakaya foundation. As the material is a tree, each designs is different. The grain of wood and luster appears while go on using and becomes more cherished one.
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