Yakomakie ・ Wild strawberry [no.17002]

Product name: Wild strawberry [no.17002]
Price: US$2,900
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Based on Yakou Maki-e technique, we lay out several seashells (Raden). Though we used many pieces of big shells in abundance and looks gorgeous,,this artwork settled down the background kept the entire settled balance by Tame-nuri background. Seashells are abalone. We pasted colored Urushi on the backside of shells and put Maki-e over the shells. The flowers make the design that exist in Wedgewood's table ware motif, Veins of a leaf, the strawberry's seed, and the stamen and the pistil of the flower are written by gold after pasting shelss and hardened with Urushi. The whole wll lighten with the passage at years as well as other works and the motif becomes more vivid.
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