Chinkin ・ Housoge (Black Lines 1) [no.19025]

Product name: Housoge (Black Lines 1) [no.19025]
Price: US$1,200
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: An artist engraves a motif by Wajima unique "Chinkin" technique on "Shu"(red) lacquer surface. After that, an artist imbeds "Sumi"(charcoal) to the lines instead of gold. Nakaya calls this technique not "Chin-kin", but "Chin-koku. "Chin" means "sink", "Koku" means "black". The point engraving like "Chin-kin" is also engraving on a curved surface so that difficult technique, however, line engraving like "Chin-koku" cannot be allowed to fail and a very high skill is demanded. The product this time, it's base color is "Shu" and line is black(charcoal), however we can image (The 3rd. picture's one.) a different base color with different color of lines for a different motif. This product has decoration (carving) for not only a cap and a barrel, but also on a grip section. Please read a picture under about an explanation of a motif. ("Housoge") You can have a look at different pattern of ths artworks such as N'platinum line with green base'. , N'gold line with black base' ,and so on at other pages.
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