Chinkin ・ Housoge (Gold Lines 1) [no.19030]

Product name: Housoge (Gold Lines 1) [no.19030]
Price: US$1,400
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: We made the basic black roiro base/ gold line (Chinkin) for a very popular N'Chinkin,' N'Chinkoku' series. We made 2 artworks for this design, one is Nalaya Piccolo, another one is Writer portable size model (wiht a clip.) Nakaya made a Maki-e clip of the same design as a pen barrel for the first time. A motif this time is also same as "Housoge". An artist engraves a motif by Wajima unique "Chinkin" technique on "Kuro"(black) lacquer surface. After that, an artist imbeds "Kin"(gold) to the lines. Nakaya calls this technique "Chinkin". "Chin" means "sink", "Kin" means "gold". The point engraving like "Chin-kin" is also engraving on a curved surface so that difficult technique, however, line engraving like "Chin-kin" cannot be allowed to fail and a very high skill is demanded. This product has decoration (carving) for not only a cap and a barrel, but also on a grip section. Please read a picture under about an explanation of a motif. ("Housoge").
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