Skeleton ・ Scorpius [no.20001]

Product name: Scorpius [no.20001]
Price: US$2,500
Barrel material: Transparent acrylic resin
Description: We described Scorpius by high transparency blue Urushi on the clear acrylic body. The Scorpius, a representative constellation of summer located on the Milky way in N'S' character. The star of the first magnitude Antares which just strikes the heart is called a N'conflagration' in China, N'The Red star' in Japan because of it's red color. First, we drew the scorpion by silver Maki-e and paintes a transparent blue Urushi around it. After that, a craftsmen sprinkled silver powders for Bokashi (gradation) atomosphere and paint and togi (polished) by transparent blue material once more. As for lines where the star in Scorpio tied to them were expressed by goldTaka-Maki-e . A gold plate was imbet for the main star, Antares. A cap is screw-type. Nakaya reguler "Cigar"model .
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