Stopper ・ Dragon II

Product name: Dragon II
Price: US$300
Total weight: 8g
Description: Since the "Dragon" is most popular motif in our rolling stopper series, we added the other version, "Dragon II" which is designed as the dragon embraces a crown.
It is a image of mysticism, a dragon looking down on the lower world with coiling its body.
The ball dragon holds, is hollow and uses18K gold.

No charge for fumigation and polish.
$10.00 will be charged for plating.
$100.00 will be charged for adding colored stones to the eyes.
*It is possible to specify the color, but not the type.

For this DragonII version, it's possible to change the ball from gold to your fevered gem. Also it's possible to embed much of zirconia to the whole body of the dragon.
$100.00 will be charged to change it's ball
$1760.00 will be charged to embed much zirconia to it's whole body

Please input your preferred version to the "Comment" box of the "order only accessories" form or write a e-mail to Nakaya.

The pictures are; Left side: fumigation version
Right side: rhodium plating version adding red gems to the eyes, changing ball to coral, and embedding much zirconia to the body.
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