Makie ・ A descending Dragon [no.11076]

Product name: A descending Dragon [no.11076]
Price: US$8,800
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: A very popular motif "dragon" among Nakaya motives, a "Descending Dragon" is this time work. A dragon , has been living for a long period on the ground ascend to the heaven and catch a dragon ball. And the dragon trains there for long years and descends to the ground after training. There are many region opinions about how many years for staying in the heaven such as 100years, or 1,000 years. Also it is said that the color of dragon's body when falling when rising is also different though the ascending dragon and the descending dragon are a pair of one. A craftsmen use "Hari-Kaki" technique which is scratching small lines by needle for the dragon's scale. A background is Taka-Makie , a grip section is clouds by several kind of fine gold powders.
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