Makie ・ ZaryuⅠ(A Dragon of the Chinese Emperor) [no.11029]

Product name: ZaryuⅠ(A Dragon of the Chinese Emperor) [no.11029]
Price: US$10,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This layout "Zaryu" is the noblest one of the design for dragons and permitted only by the Chinese emperors.
The dragon posisions it's body in the space, faces to the front, and a number of finger is five.
"座(Za)" means sitting in Chinese and Japanese, additionary it means "to have a seat with one's arms on handrails of the chair with dignity." in Chinese.
We express this motif by Kaki-wari and Tsuke-gaki technique with gold and silver Maki-e. 'Ka-en(fire flame)' is by colored Togidashi (polishing up method). Kaki-wari is the technique to describe a line.
Usually, a craftman writes one line by one writing of a brush pen. On the other hand, Kaki-wari is drawing the surroundings and leaving a ground color in part of one line and showing a line. This technique can show the color shining of the outline more beautifully.
This artwork is expensive, however we can adjust the budget by using a differnt technique with this layout.
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