Makie ・ Cherry blossoms by silver powder [no.11098]

Product name: Cherry blossoms by silver powder [no.11098]
Price: US$1,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: We have brought cherry blossoms to life with silver powder. Previously we had released the same styled but with a bamboo image (“A bamboo by silver powder”). Upon customer’s request we replaced this image with that of the well loved cherry blossom. Much like the bamboo, cherry blossoms are a traditional and commonly used motif for Japanese people. Once again we have succeeded in making a modern looking design while embracing tradition. The detail of the cherry tree’s bark accents the imagery. The black base color gives a brighter contrast to the overall image. As time passes, the colored urushi such as shu (red) and green convert to the lighter color while the black always retains its darkness. If you want the color to remain the same, we recommend choosing black base color. Base model: Cigar model / portable size
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