Chinkin ・ Squirrel and acorn [no.19001]

Product name: Squirrel and acorn [no.19001]
Price: US$2,300
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: The base(background ) is "Akebono-nuri" , a special lacquer ware. This technique has gradation of 2 different colors. This time Nakaya uses "Shobu( dark purple)" and "Kikyo(blue)" color. On this surface, motif(a squirrel) is done by Chinkin method . A skilled "Chinkin" craftsman engraved a small dot and imbed a gold powder one by one. One small dot makes a picture. In Japan, a squirrel is considered as a very good creature , because a squirrel store many foods (treasure) with its mouth. Therefore, squirrel is treated as a symbol of accumulation. On the other hand, "acorn" is a symbol of descendant prosperity because acorn is made from one tree. Therefore the combination of "squirrel and acorn" is considered as a symbol of prosperity.
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