Tamesukashi ・ Lovely rabbits by N'Chojyu giga-zu' [no.16004]

Product name: Lovely rabbits by N'Chojyu giga-zu' [no.16004]
Price: US$1,800
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: A rabbit husband and wife has been expressed by a customer's idea based on "Chojyu-giga" pictures. We introduce sketches of this fountain pen and a converter, a rabbit right side is wife and the left side is husband look at the moon in gentle atmosphere. This is the first model of mixture of 2 techniques refer to Tame-nuri. A pair of rabbits were expressed by 'Tame-sukashi' which is under the layer, a cloud of moon was expressed by 'Yakoh-nuri' which is over the layer. You can enjoy the color change as the time goes by. There is an additional charge for the converter The base model is Cigar model, Long size.
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