Nakaya Founders

Sadao Watanabe[Pen Craftman]

watanabe 1939 Born in downtown in Tokyo his motto:
making effort, patient, honesty
1955 Entered Platinum Pen Co.& assigned manufacturing devision in charge of pens.
1974 Went to Taipei to stert Platinum Pen (Taiwan) affiliated Co.
1993 Went to Shanghai as adviser of Platinum Pen (China) affiliated Co.
1996 Retired from Platinum Pen Co.
Sadao now keeps busy repairing every brand of fountain pens and is very well known as a top pen collector He also spends his time going to pen shows and repairing customer's fountain pens on location.

Shinichi Yoshida[Pen designer and nib engineer]

yoshida 1964 Born in Hiroshima his motto:
1991 Entered Platinum Pen Co.& assigned product planning devision in charge of pens.
Moved a design office for haircut and beauty products and
smoking tools.
2003 Joined the Nakaya by a proposal of Mr. Nakata.
He is now the Heart of Nakaya Fountain Pen. He not only wirtes the chart of new product, but also adjust the nib one by one. He also loves traditional artcrafts.

Kazuo Maruyama [Metal press craftman]

maruyama 1940 Born in Tokyo his motto:
have fun in the life
1956 Entered Platinum Pen Co,Ltd("Platinum Industry" in those days)
and was assigned to the metal division and placed in charge of caps,barrels,and clips.
1972 Went to Mexico as adviser of metal press (barrel),pen press & adjustment.
1974 Went to Taipei and consulted in the startup of Platinum Pen (Taiwan) our affiliated Co.
1992 Moved from factory to the repair section,after that,engaged in handmade fountain pens with Mr.Sadao Watanabe.
1997 Retired from Platinum Pen Co.
He is now fully committed to working with Nakaya and specializes in metal press technology.

Kohsuke Matsubara[Lathe Craftman]

matsubara 1933 Born in Tokyo his motto:
You can travel thousands of miles in just one step.
1949 Began his apprentice at the Kuramochi Lathe manufacturing Co.
1951 Join the Ozawa Co., to master the use of the lathe for high quality pen techniques.
1953 Joined Platinum Pen Co. and was assigned to the pen barrel section.
Designed and manufactured may different barrels using the lathe.
1965 Reassigned to the new molding machine division planning new products with new molding techniques.
1971 Bacame a team member for the designing of Platinum's 70th anniversary fountain pen.
1972 Became a team member for the designing of Platinum's special fountain pen commemorating the 50th anniversary of Emperor Hirohito's marriage to his wife.
1991 Retired from Platinum pen Co.
He now spends his days manufacturing celluloid, ebonite, briar and other woods.
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