Introduction of our new product.
We would like to introduce our new production, "Goat shrink leather wrapped pen".


The fountain pen is wrapped with goat shrink leather, called "Chari leather" in Japan.
It is designed with a low center of gravity and metals are used for its cover and screws.
It has a solid feeling because of the metal parts.
The color of leather is only black but it is possible to customize by changing the color of clip, pen nib, and metal parts.
Pictures below are sample images of some customization.

Basically the metal parts are gold.

[Example of customization]
Matt Rhodium plated: It will give the pen an elegant finish, different from the gorgeousness of gold.

Please check the product page here. You can choose the same colors as the clip for your metal parts plating.
Please check the clip page for your reference.
And if you have any other questions, please contact us by email.

[What is Chari leather?] A goat shrink leather, called "chari leather" in Japan, named after Mr. Charles Henninger who was an American tanner
and promoted Western-style leather in Japan around the beginning of Meiji era.
Crumple goat leather tanned with a plant's astringency vertically, horizontally, and diagonally many times, to make deep unevenness on the surface. Because most of the processes need expert skill, only skilled craftsmen can manufacture it. "Chari leather" is very rare and beautiful leather unique to Japan, it was used as a material for bags.

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