Ama-iro pens were closed.
We closed the order today on September 22, 2023.
Thank you very much for your orders.


From today, we are accepting orders for "Ama-iro", which has been suspended.
This color makes possible to keep the quality of this delicate tone by producing some quantity at once.
So, we decide to take orders for a period as much as possible and preparing Urushi then starting production.
There is a limit of two pieces per customer.
Because we want to deliver to many customers,
if there is a duplicate name or shipping address including the gift recipient,
Your order may be treated as a cancellation.

Order dead line is Sep. 22nd, 2023.(JST)
*It's also necessary to complete payment by then.
Shipping is planned to start from the middle of Apil, 2024 or around.

Available products are below;

・Writer / Long, Portable, Piccolo: USD850.00
・Cigar / Long, Portable, Piccolo: USD850.00

・Neo-standard: USD850.00
・Desk Pen: USD850.00

・D-17mm Cigar Long: USD1,020.00
・D-17mm Cigar Portable: USD1,020.00

・Ryogiri: USD1,105.00

To order;
Please visit Nakaya web site, order page.

Select "Completely original model" in the criteria and input the details to the blank field.
e.g. “Writer Portable Ama-iro"

After you choose the nib, your writing preferences, accessories and fill in the necessary information, please send it to us.

It takes about 40~50 seconds to complete to order.
This is not an error.
Please wait until the completion words are displayed on the screen.

After we receive your order, we will send you the order confirmation e-mail by return.

For more details, please contact us from following email address.

We are looking forward to your order. Thank you.

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