A Wajima-nuri craftsman will move to Tokyo and will continue Maki-e production.
Nakaya has purchased one of the maki-e materials, Gold (powders) that the price has been soaring before the Noto Peninsula earthquake on behalf of Wajima, and has also worked hard to grow Urushi trees. Now, we will provide the craftsman of Wajima-nuri a workplace in Tokyo and he will continue the production.
Wajima is especially damaged and we heard that it takes at least one year to recover.
"Wajima-nuri" has a definition, and Nakaya respects the idea and has used the name "Wajima Urushi-nuri" that has been accepted for our products from the beginning. However, only products produced locally can be accurately called "Wajima Urushi-nuri", it is impossible to call the products that is produced in Tokyo even if it's temporary this time as "Wajima Urushi-nuri".
Nakaya is responsible for maintaining quality, and we will do our best to keep the tradition of "Wajima Urushi-nuri" alive.
We would like to inform that we will start with standard Urushi-nuri products firstly, but production of so-called maki-e is still uncertain.
We would appreciate deeply your understanding and support.
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