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Product name: (ver.1) Ishime kanshitsu, Aka-tamenuri [no.07009] (Dorsal Fin)
Price: US$1,500
Total weight: 26.0g
Body weight: 18.0g
Total length: 150.0mm
Barrel length: 145.0mm
Max diameter: 17.0mm
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: We made a special pen barrel by a customer's requirement.A requirement this time is to mount a cap at the end of a barrel and to prevent rolling. Usually, a cap of fountain pen is bigger diameter than a barrel and a barrel also has a taper shape in order to prevent rolling. And a clip is mounted on a cap. On the other hand, because of the bigger cap and a clip, a beautiful finishing by Urushi lacquer ware and Maki-e are spoiled, but there was no good solution.
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