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Product name: (ver.1) Ishime kanshitsu, Suzu (Shu) [no.07013] (Dorsal Fin)
Price: US$2,083
Total weight: 26.0g
Body weight: 18.0g
Total length: 150.0mm
Barrel length: 145.0mm
Max diameter: 17.0mm
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This model has a fin on the cap that acts as a roll stopper. It is designed with the image of a knife.
It has more weight and stability than the regular 15mm pens.
The total length is the same as Portable size, Ryogiri, Decapod series, and Neostandard. The length without cap will be the same as Long size and Ryogiri.

It is "Suzuishime" which uses "roasted tin powder" instead of Kanshitsu (dry lacquer) powder. Using the roasted tin powder made it possible to creates the material finish.
This Suzuishime red uses the Shu(vermilion) lacquer for the base, and the finish will be bright to add a touch of gorgeousness to silver.
"Ishime" is created with the special technique that makes stone like texture on the surface. When the dry lacquer powder is sprinkled on a lacquered surface, surface tension works and the powder gathered in places. Making use of the clumps created by chance, layer the lacquer, let it fix, and then polish it to create "Ishime".
It will be the "cobblestone-like" finish in the garden.
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