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Product name: Piccolo Asa no Ha(麻の葉) [no.01075] (Tsumugi)
Price: US$850
Total weight: 20.0g
Body weight: 15.0g
Total length: 130.0mm
Barrel length: 116.0mm
Max diameter: 15.0mm
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This model is inspired by the experience of the collaboration with “Atelier Shimura” . It is designed to express the fineness of the dyeing and weaving of silk fabrics.
The smallest size of our fountain pens, piccolo size is used for this tsumugi design. Because the piccolo which is the roof like design with slightly pointed tip and shorter than the portable, it gives somewhat cute image.
The compact fountain pen with excellent portability for memo pads, notebooks, and etc.
Only the cigar model without a clip is available.

In this model, the color is named by the kimono pattern. Kuro-tamenuri is called as Asanoha(麻の葉).
The combination of the pinkish base color inspired by the Japanese traditional color "toki-iro" and the upper lacquer, shuai urushi create very soft an bright finish.
"Tamenuri" has the characteristics of translucent amber color like being sucked in, so you can clearly see how the lacquer has accumulated.
Very high level painting and polishing techniques made it possible to make the lines stand out in streaks and the finish resembles a woven pattern.
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