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Product name: Whale and Wave Ⅰ [no.11004] (Makie)
Price: US$6,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: In ancient days, " whale" have been treated as a greatest among the mammals with power to get over the waves. The image of the waves have been expressed very finely with finishing of lines in gold. Whale's eye have been expressed in golden plate and beard with gold lines, one by one. Body part is decorated with charcoal powder, finished in black lacquer. Sun set have been expressed with golden powder followed by dull green and red (shu) colors through Akebono-nuri technique. Moreover, the wave is piled up with silver as the material, and each wave rises like one mountain differing each other height, shows that sees from side externals with which the wave is seen faced each other. It is designed to show all waves join at the axis point. The whale which is the main motif is finished up after it piles it up with charcoal by black wax color, and drawing of the teeth and beard is done in gold one by one and artistically. The background is decorated in Akebono paint. It can be said that the excellent background of Akebono paint which uses golden powder for fine expression, is an example of excellent artwork expressed in whale.
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