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Product name: Goko Dokuro (a Centipede and a Skull) [no.13010] (Sumiko)
Price: US$10,417
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: People's deep seated grude changes into the apparition expressed by Sumik- technique. A Centipede creeps out from the cave of trees is projected on this pen. A n allowhead is described as disregarding like the former artwork "Ayakeshi" on the grip section. The story of the Centipede extermination originates in Hyota Tawara (Hidesato Fujiwiara). After raising by rust (called "Sabi-age"" technique)for a background, paint Urushi with Sumiko with silver powders. The Sabiage (rust raising) technque is a suitable technique though effectively goes down also to a crackframing part that exists in the work of the former artwork (East and West encounter) use,and puts out violent. A Centipede is pained in colors after Gin-yuji heaping up technique and grossly polished. For a grip section, we sprinkled gold powders after rust raising technique and Sumiko finishing. Lastly, we set a silver rolling stopper of Skull at the top of the pen.
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