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Product name: Nishijin Carbon・Saya [no.22034] (Other products)
Price: US$1,150
Total length: 130.0mm
Max diameter: 16.0mm
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Although the pen barrels are known to have been made of Carbon Fiber before, mostly the plain weave was applied. We, Nakaya, have produced traditional Sayagata design by using an Ayaori diagonal weave. A lone woven thread is thin and can be used to create a detailed design, but requires an enormous skill to work with.
Sayagata is a repeated pattern by gradually extending fylfots and connecting them in rhomboids.
From Momoyama period to the early years of Edo the Kumiori weaving method (the method of deploying different patterns on the same piece of fabric) was imported from China and used to create a pattern of silk Sayaori, and afterwards was called “Sayagata” in Japan.
Thus, due to the longevity of the pattern, it didn’t cease to exist, but survived symbolizing prosperity and long life of a family. The fylfot itself in Stone Age India represented the Sun spreading its rays all around, and was considered a pattern that brings luck in Hinduism and Buddhism.
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