D-17mm ・ Cigar Long Shobu(菖蒲) [no.09012]

Product name: Cigar Long Shobu(菖蒲) [no.09012]
Price: US$842
Total weight: 28.0g
Body weight: 22.0g
Total length: 166.0mm
Barrel length: 145.0mm
Max diameter: 17.0mm
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: It has more weight and stability than the regular 15mm pens.
This wide width tightly fits in your hand and has a sense of stability. This size will be recommended for those who feel the standard size is little slim.
The total length is the same as 15mm long size. The length without cap will be the same as not only 15mm long size, but also Ryogiri and Dorsal fin series.
Only the cigar model is available.

The color is the "Purple" which was made after many trials and errors. It was quite difficult to create the satisfying purple because the blue-kind colors development is really hard.
The beautiful perple color "Shobu" that was named after the irises, creates shining glossy and deep finish.
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