Chinkin ・ Housoge (Colorful Lines 1) [no.19046]

Product name: Housoge (Colorful Lines 1) [no.19046]
Price: US$1,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Carve the Housouge motif by the Chinkin technique unique to Wajima. And using colored powders other than gold powder.

Housouge is an imaginary flower which blooms in the heaven.
The same as the "Palmet", it is said that the most popular flower pattern which is one of the representative arabesque pattern in ancient China and Japan.
"Housouge" is used for the stringed instrument housed in Shosoin(正倉院) of Nara as an auspicious omen motif.

The model of the picture is Cigar/Piccolo.

Naming is possible for the grip section only. In that case, the grip section has no motif.
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