Makie ・ A Spider with fireflame [no.11032]

Product name: A Spider with fireflame [no.11032]
Price: US$6,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: To make a silver 'tame-nuri' surface for whole body, a craftmen sprinkled silver powders and made gradation atmosphere (called "bokashi" ). After that, rubbed a transparent Urushi lacquer ware and polished for silver 'tame-nuri' finishing. A fire flame was painted by 'Shu(red)' urushi. A spider web was sprinkled by gold powders and did 'bokashi' (gradation) technique. After that, rubbed a transparent urushi and polished.(called 'togi-dashi') process. A spider was described by 'Taka-Maki-e' (a heaping up) technique in order to express the 3-D effect. The spider's body itself was sprinkled gold powders, and also used yellow , black urushi and polished. Finally, a craftsman added some detail parts and did 'roiro' polishing process. A grip section is 'Nashiji' (matt) finishing. A flower is 'tsukegaki' painting. A butterfly was heaped up by Urushi and sprinkled by gold powders and used several colors of urushi like black, yellow and so on. This artwork has been totally completed by one Maki-e craftsman including it's design who had made previous 'Sumiko' Spider and the web.
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