Makie ・ Dragons "Kyoto Ken-nin-ji temple [no.11038]

Product name: Dragons "Kyoto Ken-nin-ji temple [no.11038]
Price: US$3,750
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This is the order from a foreign customer who visited Kyoto. and asked us to make a picture of "Kyoto Ken-nin-ji' temple.'To describe an atmosphere that dragons appear from between strong clouds, the body of each dragon has been described by Togi-kiri-Maki-e technique with tiny silver powders. A base coat is black Roiro lacquer ware. Strong clouds was used in silver powders as well and Bokashi (gradation) technique has done for several parts of them. Ka-en (A fire flame) is also used silver powders slightly mixed up with Shu (dark red) powders and did Togi-kiri technique. It is not always easy to express a brush artwork (an Indian ink drawing) to Maki-e, but thanks to Togi-kiri technique,we could approach their quality. The last picture of below is original artwork of Ken-nin-ji dragon which was sent by a customer.
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