Makie ・ Shuro tree [no.11039]

Product name: Shuro tree [no.11039]
Price: US$5,583
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Shuro is a evergreen high tree of coconut clan and powerfully expanded it's leaves is feature. A scientific name is Trachycarpus fortunai. We Nakaya drew this motif in a bold composition on Piccolo model. Leaves of this tree were finished by Taka-Maki-e heaping up process in several times by silver powders and gold powders (a grip section). And we used "Akakuchi-Shu(red)" material for base coating for the first time. A vivid Shu(red) matches silver well. *What is Akakuch-Shu? For Nakaya regular Shu color, we use one kind of Shu material which is called ,"Nikka-shu" or "Tamari-Shu". Powders of Akakuchi-Shu melt very well to Urushi lacquer ware, on the other hand 'Nikka-shu" do not melt perfectly so that each powders of Nikka-shu float and sink when drawing. So marks of brush tends to remain thinly, therefore, customers used to keep an artwork by Nikka-shu at a distance. However, many customers start to love because they can see the mark of writer (a touch of brush) and getting popular for these several years. This is same thing as a touch of oil painting attracts us. Moreover, this "Nikka-shu" is smooth surface by polishing many times while an oil painting is not so. Shu color in Urushi world has so many kinds.
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