Makie ・ Ryukyu Bingata 1 [no.11067]

Product name: Ryukyu Bingata 1 [no.11067]
Price: US$4,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Customer's request enhanced us to collaborate with the Ryukyu Bingata dyeing method for ladies's full dresses or traditional clothes for ritual accouterments, cloth was dyed with imprinting technique in the Ryukyu Kingdom. This is believed to be an origin of Ryukyu dying method. The Bingata dyeing method was introduced from Java, Indonesia and India and China from 14th to 15th century when the Ryukyu Kingdom was actively trading with these countries.It was also affected by Kyoto Yuzen dyeing method. Bingata naturalized various kinds of oriental culture and established its unique style expressing the rich colors of nature in Okinawa. Bingata became valuable trade goods to the Chinese Fujian market as mysterious, beautiful dye goods and it had been valued highly under the protection of the Ryukyu Kingdom since then. "Bingata" uses a lot of vivid colors and motifs in a pattern. It is stereoscopic due to "Kuma-dori" dyeing, which gives a gradation to a color. As you can see, this fountain pen is designed in the motif of "a crane and iris flowers", which is a typical design in Ryukyu-Bingata.In the original design, you can see two cranes but we put one big crane on the body of the fountain pen due to the limited space. This pen will be one of articles for presentation to a president of a certain country in the spring of 2005. In the motif of the following work of Mr. Fujisaki Makoto, an imminent writer of the Bingata dyeing method, we developed a lacquer work in fountain pen.
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