Tamesukashi ・ Shishin(four Gods), "Seiryu"(Blue Dragon) Heki-tame [no.16023]

Product name: Shishin(four Gods), "Seiryu"(Blue Dragon) Heki-tame [no.16023]
Price: US$1,600
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: A famous 四神 (Shishin) were expressed by four colors of Tame-sukashi technique. Four Gods are the special creature which protect four direction. Seiryu (blue dragon) is the East, Suzaku (red bird) is the South, Biyakko (white tiger) is the West ,and Genbu (black turtle) is the North. Pictures below is one of them. Seiryu (blue dragon) by Heki tame-sukashi technique. The base model is Cigar Portable size. Please have a look at other god's pen; Biyakko(tiger) , Suzaku(bird), and Genbu (turtle). The last one is four kinds of pens were combined to one picture. (From the left, Genbu, Biyakko, Suzaku and Seiryu). "The East", which is protected by the Blue Dragon is expressed in Tenkoku character(Ancient Chinese stamp characters of 3,000 years ago ) on the grip section.
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