Other products ・ Negoro style “Nuno-kise HonKataji” version (Black/red) [no.22023]

Product name: Negoro style “Nuno-kise HonKataji” version (Black/red) [no.22023]
Price: US$1,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Some people asked us if we would make something different using the popular Negoro style finish, so we decided to do just that.We reversed the traditional color scheme to make the red cloth easier to see from the split.The black Urushi part doesn’t have a Ro-iro finish but takes on a slightly used look by suppressing the sheen slightly.Just like other Negoro style “Nuno-kise Hon Kataji” version pens, the shape and size of the peeling part are never the same. Due to the nature of the finishing, there will be differences each time.(One place straddling the cap and body, two places long and short on the body, 1 or 2 places on the grip)The base model is cigar type in piccolo size.
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