Makie ・ Cat on a Double‐Flowered Cherry Tree [no.11104]

Product name: Cat on a Double‐Flowered Cherry Tree [no.11104]
Price: US$4,583
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: The base is made of a white urushi (pure white cannot be produced because the natural lacquer color will always emerge).
The petals are laid out in an overlapping pattern, and finally the stamens are finely illustrated in gold. The leaves are painted in a gradation of green and red on a gold background, while the veins of a leaf are drawn in gold much like the flowers.
The branches on the body are painted in black on a gold background providing a visual texture of the tree bark. Raden is utilized for the cat’s eyes.
The Japanese white-eye drawn on the grip section has been highlighted with greenish yellow color.

The base model is a cigar model, portable size.
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