Makie ・ Ayakashi Ⅲ [no.11109]

Product name: Ayakashi Ⅲ [no.11109]
Price: US$5,000
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This pen is a new edition to "Ayakashi series". We created it on request of a client who wanted to combine the elements of previous pens of this series.
This time the pen has been finished with Shu Roiro, and the part around the crack was heaped up with the powder made of dry Urushi. Again, we used Ginyuji technique (method of heaping the picture up with silver powder) for Dokkosho, a talisman used to keep evil spirits away, on the backside of the pen. The monster itself was depicted in Taka maki-e technique. All the details, including the direction of the gaze coming from the crack were carefully discussed with the client.

Base model: Cigar, Piccolo Size
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