Pen case ・ Kyoto 'Nishijin-ori' textile Pen pouch for 1 pen (2 colors)

Product name: Kyoto 'Nishijin-ori' textile Pen pouch for 1 pen (2 colors)
Price: US$30
Description: Pen pouch made from Nishijin textile."Nishijin ori" ("ori"means textile) is a most famous, highest class cloth in Japan. Each thread is dyed before weaving with a technique called "saki-some".
The base colors are 2, White and Green.
The strings comes from cloth to the surface and gives a gorgeous feeling and volume. A lining cloth is 100% cotton. The length: 22 cm, the width: 5 cm, the wood beading (The diameter: 12 mm). (Product may be slightly different because of the handmade.)

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