Pen case ・ Kyoto 'Nishijin-ori' textile Pen pouch for 5 pens

Product name: Kyoto 'Nishijin-ori' textile Pen pouch for 5 pens
Price: US$100
Description: Nishijin textile Pen pouch for 5 pens. Nishijin textile is a very famous, highest class cloth in Japan. Each thread is dyed before weaving. [Size] Length: 29 cm, Width: 33 cm. (Size may be slightly different each other, because they all are handcrafted.)
You can choose base clothes colors from 2, Green or White. And also you can choose strings colors from 3, Yellow, Red, or Green.
Please input your color request to the "Comment" box of the order form or, write an e-mail to Nakaya.
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