Other products ・ Titanium Piccolo model [no.22006]

Product name: Titanium Piccolo model [no.22006]
Price: US$1,000
Total weight: 60.0g
Barrel material: Titanium
Description: The atomic number 22 is titanium.Titanium is high strength materials ,but not many products has ever been produced because of it's hardness to produce. We Nakaya made our Piccolo model by Titanium and try something from now.  The total weight of this pen is 60 grams. Be careful. The exclusive package could be checked on the last picture below. (A paulonia wooden box: $33. A pen pouch : $20.)*This is the only product we have on offer that is made with titanium.The matt ruthenium color clip and ruthenium nib are standard specification for this model.
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