Tamesukashi ・ Ascending Dragon Ⅰ (Ao-tame) [no.16019]

Product name: Ascending Dragon Ⅰ (Ao-tame) [no.16019]
Price: US$1,500
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This is the artwork made by special Urushi lacquer ware developed first time in the world. Originally, Urushi lacquer ware is brownish color so that the result became darker color by all means. A Heki-Tame sukashi Dragon so far is also transparament feelings was ruined. However, we could finish the original color of "Heki (blue-green") faithfully by this Urushi. Of course, each lines of motif will be clear day by day same as former Tame-Sukashi works. As you know, "Seiryu" is one of four gods and protects the east direction. "Seiryu" means the "Blue Dragon" in Chinese letter but true color is green or blueish green matches with the color of this artwork.
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