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Product name: Housoge (Black Lines 3) [no.19028] (Chinkin)
Price: US$1,200
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: This is the version of Sumi (the Indian ink) lines based on Kuro-tame color. A motif this time is also same as "Housoge". The base coating is populer N'tame-nuri' color , so that blackish color at first will be reddish color(shu) day by day, on the other hand, lines for the motif keeps black (Sumi) color. This character looks like N'Yakoh-nuri', however, the motif of Yakoh-mkai-e is heaped up ,on the other hand the main motif was engraved in case of Chinkoku Tame-nuri version. We can say this point is a different between 2 artworks. The point engraving like "Chin-kin" is also engraving on a curved surface so that difficult technique, however, line engraving like "Chin-kin"or "chin-gin" cannot be allowed to fail and a very high skill is demanded. This product has decoration (carving) for not only a cap and a barrel, but also on a grip section. Please read a picture under about an explanation of a motif. ("Housoge").
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