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Product name: Shi-shi no ko otoshi [no.11056] (Makie)
Price: US$29,167
Barrel material: Ebonite
Description: Background of "Shi-shi no ko otoshi" (A mother lion pushes her children to the bottom of a ravine) The lion is the King of beasts. A mother lion pushes her children(leopard) off from the cliff to the very deep bottom of a ravine and she raises only those who can crawl up. We NAKAYA expressed this famous Japanese legend into our Maki-e fountain pen in the demand of the foreign customers. The long and slender shape of the fountain pen assist our Maki-e artists to express the legend by drawing lion, cliff and lion's children crawled up scene in a artistic way. Main technique is "Gin-yuji" method. "Gin-yuji" is the technique which heaping up by silver. The detail is piled up many times many times with the lacquer. The rise up parts are decorated with Maki-e art. Wave and other silver colored places are finished with genuine platinum. Due to the curved surface of a fountain pen, the piling work is very serious and hard.
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